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Marmellata Bakery

Our famous dessert tables or dessert buffets serve as a beautiful edible focal point for your wedding reception, birthday party or baby shower. Our displays are created to fit seamlessly with the décor and theme of your event.


Every part of our dessert table is meticulously planned. Our entire menu is baked in-house, so you can be completely confident in the quality of all our delicious treats. Whether you choose our baked from scratch cupcakes, our hand rolled chocolate truffles, or our luxurious macarons, you’ll know that everything was baked and filled by ourselves.

Our role is to introduce new costumers to desserts with textures and flavors that they just don't expect.

As children we’re rewarded with ice cream, cookies, candy when we’ve done something good- when we deserve to have something sweet.


“I was always taught that when people order food it’s because they’re hungry and when people order dessert it’s because they want you to make them happy.” Renae Connolly


The Pastry Chef

Susana Archetti is a venezuelan  pastry chefs that decided to open Marmellata Bakery not too long after moving to sunny Miami.

Susana became a chef in 2010. Two years later she decided to pursue a masters in pastry and since then she has been teaching pastry clases in different culinary institutions. 


Susana create not just desserts, but art! She was born in Venezuela, her father was from Italy and her mother from Spain. Her family international flavors and cultures are incorporated in her desserts.


She creates a unique experience that no one has tried before. The textures, colors, and presentation are one of a kind.


She is always available to answer any questions. So do not hesitate on contacting her.